Introduction & Methods

The CNN Video captures two members of the Israeli security forces firing their weapons, and the security camera video footage captures Nadeem Nawara being fatally wounded and falling to the ground. By viewing the videos in isolation it is impossible to establish evidence that proves a member of the Israeli security forces shot Nawara. This element of doubt was used by the Israeli Military so far as to insinuate that the videos were doctored and it might have been Palestinians, not Israelis, who shot Nawara. 1


It was thus necessary to compose the event by synchronizing the videos and locating them in three-dimensional space.


After showing the border policemen shooting the CNN Video pans to the right. At this point, the field of view of the CNN Video overlaps with that of CAM 2 – 13:14 – 14:43. Both videos capture the same scene of a group of protestors carrying Nawara’s body away towards an ambulance.


At the end of the CNN video footage made available to us a man dressed in a white shirt enters the field of view and runs across the screen from left to right. This same man is shown running across the screen from left to right in video CAM 2 – 13:14 – 14:43. By tracking this man’s movement in the footage of both videos we identified the specific frame in each for synchronizing the two films.


We then rewound both videos to establish which border policeman fires at the time Nawara is falling.

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