Introduction & Methods

The Israeli border guard that shot Nadeem Nawara is captured by the CNN cameras firing an M16 rifle mounted with a rubber bullet extension. Visibly it appears as if he is firing rubber coated bullets at the protesters. Sonically however we can differentiate between the shot that killed Nadeem Nawara and the gunfire of rubber coated bullets from the same footage. By isolating the sounds of each gunshot fired at the protesters that day and producing spectrographic frequency analyses we have identified the sonic signature of M16 live ammunition fired through a rubber bullet extension. We found that gunfire shot through the rubber bullet extension has a unique sound signature, distinct from both live fire and rubber coated bullets.


This sound signature, specific to live ammunition fired through a rubber bullet extension, was not only identified in the video footage showing the killing of Nadeem Nawara but can also be heard in the PBC Palestine news network footage of when another teenager, Mohammad Abu Daher, was shot to death that same day. Unlike the killing of Nadeem Nawara, at the moment Abu Daher was shot the camera was pointing away from both the shooter and the victim. In Abu Daher’s case there was no exhumation, no pathological report and no live bullet found. We only have the sound of the shot that killed him clearly documented. Even though both killings were recorded on different audio equipment, an analysis of how the two deadly shots behave acoustically in comparison to other shots fired on that same day shows us that both Nadeem Nawara and Mohammad Abu Daher were killed by live fire shot through a rubber bullet extension – possibly from the very same weapon.


With regard to audio forensics, the investigation into these killings are interdependent; the sonic evidence of one death is corroborated by the other. This report shows that when we look at these two cases together a pattern emerges which points to the fact that twice on one day not one but two teenagers were killed as a result of Israeli security personnel masking the firing of live ammunition through a rubber coated extension.

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