Crowd Reactions

Another indicator of the difference between the sound of different kinds of gunshots was an analysis of the crowd’s reaction to these 5 shots. We found that the speed at which the protesters fled for cover correlated with whether or not the shot was live ammunition or rubber coated bullets. Through the human rights organization B’Tselem we have learnt of testimonies in which protesters tell about being able to identify the different kinds of shots. Here we can see that the protesters disperse faster when they hear the shot with a sonic signature of live fire. This visual data allows us to understand that the sonic distinction between live ammunition and rubber-coated bullets can be heard by the crowd.



The crowd’s reflex reaction to the sound of live ammunition shows us that through the necessity of survival and continued exposure to the sound, they have developed an acute strategy for audibly discerning the distinction between rubber bullets and live ammunition fired through a rubber bullet adapter. We can learn from this then that protesters against the Israeli occupation are frequently shot at with live ammunition. Moreover that live ammunition fired through a rubber bullet extension did not only happen twice (in the killing of Abu Daher and Nawara) but is a frequent occurrence.

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